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  • Anti Bullying  & Cyber Bullying 

  • Dream Big! Goal Setting 

  • Suicide Awareness & Life Promotion 

  • Building Confidence & Esteem 

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Indigenous Media & Music Industry 


  • Healthy Living: Diet & Exercise 

  • Making It In The Music Industry

  • Songwriting



  • HIT MAKER: Song Writing & Music Video Production


  • INDIGENOUS IDOL: Talent Showcase 




BUILDING CONFIDENCE & SELF ESTEEM Ages 10+ (Participants 1-300+)

Participants will be lead through a Journey of understanding the affects of Colonization, including Residential School and the 60s Scoop, and how these historical events have shaped our Indigenous Nation. Walking through the affects of Media and the Stereotypes, young people will gain an understanding of how we can break those negative cycles and stereotypes from looking at the past and focusing on the future!

This interactive workshop talk about the importance of Self-Esteem and Confidence in our lives, to fully reaching our potential in our personal goals, happiness and self love! Through talking about healing processes and steps to Building Esteem to gain Self Confidence, participants will learn practical ways to incorporate exercises that help in every day life.

Filled with group exercises and interactive games participants will work in a safe space voicing their thoughts and opinions of issues Indigenous Peoples face in a general in their generation.

Workshops can be modified to any age group; youth, educators or parents.!

DREAM BIG! - GOAL SETTING Ages 10+ (Participants 1-300+)

In this workshop participants will be inspired through the life journey of Suzette Amaya on how Goal Setting techniques have helped her remain focused in achieving goals in her personal life, in Business and Education. Through motivational videos and exercises participants will be inspired to think about their own Dreams and Goals!

This workshop will be a brainstorming session, giving each person an opportunity to discover their own talents, skills and dreams. Participants will work on their own goals and given an opportunity to share among their peers. In this workshop participants will walk through the 12 Steps of Goal Setting and be inspired by viewing videos of Indigenous young role models who have achieved their dreams!

PROMOTION OF LIFE & SUICIDE PREVENTION Ages 13+ (Participants 1-300+)

Suicide is an epidemic that has continued to plague Indigenous Communities. In this workshop Suzette Amaya will focus on the Promotion of Life, and look into the history of Indigenous Peoples on topics such as; Colonization, Residential School, the 60s Scoop as well as Systemic Racism. These historical events and cycles of abuse that have affected Indigenous Communities for generations and how it is one of the many affects of Suicide among young people. Talking about suicide, this workshop looks at the many reasons why people self harm and contemplate suicide, including mental health, depression, loneliness, addiction and more.


Looking at the warning signs of Suicide, including steps to helping those going through suicidal thoughts. This workshop helps participants openly talk about ways to help their peers,including helping themselves. Participants will leave this workshop with a Safety Plan as well as resources for online support and crisis-lines.


ANTI-BULLYING & CYBER BULLYING Ages 10+ (Participants 1-300+) 

With the rise of Social Media engagement and Bullying in Communities, this workshop talks about the definitions and actions that Bullying encompasses. Through group discussions on actions that bullies and by-standards

encounter in this rising problem. Young people will develop a tool box of ways to react and help others dealing with Bullying.


Cyber bullying, including social media platforms like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!, have become a growing concern to community members in the area of Cyber Bullying and Violence. This workshop will talk about steps to take when instances like this occur online and what to do who to tell and how to heal! This interactive workshop will consist of Role Playing and PowerPoint Presentation

LATERAL VIOLENCE & COMMUNICATION Ages 10+ (Participants 1-300+)  

 What is Lateral Violence and the affects it has on Communities and Individuals. In this workshop participants will learn about behaviors and actions that encompass this issues destroying Communities. This workshop will discuss the reasoning behind by people commit Lateral Violence towards others and look into the historical impacts of Colonization of Acculturation and Assimilation, foreign to the respectful and healthy treatment of fellow community members. Discussing openly the affects Lateral Violence has on victims, participants will work together in talking about how to break these cycles of communication. Participants will role play scenarios of healthy and unhealthy ways to communicate, including a Q&A on the affects of Lateral Violence.


With the rise of Social Media engagement Cyber Lateral Violence on social media platforms like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!, have become a growing concern to community members in the area of Cyber Bullying and Violence. This workshop will talk about steps to take when instances like this occur online and what to do who to tell and how to heal!


THE INDIGENOUS MUSIC & MEDIA INDUSTRY Ages 10+ (Participants 1-300+)

The growing Industry of Music, Media & Arts is an Industry that is giving Indigenous Peoples a voice through sharing their Culture, Voice, Talents and Current Living History! Suzette Amaya, owner of SAMAYA Entertainment, has been in Radio since 1997 with Co-op radio 100.5fm CFRO. Producer and Host of ThinkNDN 100.5fm aired Mondays 9-10pm, Samaya is no stranger to the fast growing Industry of Entertainment. In this workshop participants will enjoy the evolution of Indigenous Peoples portrayed in Media, TV, Film and how Indigenous Peoples are empowered through controlling their own portrayal of their realities and stories.

This workshop will share videos and talk about the many roles in this exciting Industry. Through openly discussing the many opportunities, Samaya will share the steps on entering the Industry, including sharing may resources.

Participants will be able to share their talents through a mini open mic, as an interactive Q&A. This workshop will provide a list of TO DO LIST to being an Artist, as well as a comprehensive list of online resources, school, funding and social media platforms.

Participants will be inspired by music videos and success stories of fellow artists, such as Joey Stylez, as managed by Suzette Amaya. Participants will leave this workshop with a list of goals and to do lists to help make a viable plan to success! 


MYTHS & REALITY OF THE MUSIC BUSINESS Ages 13+ (Participants 1-300+)

The Paths To Success In The Entertainment Industry Join Joey Stylez as he navigates you on a clear path of what it takes to make a viable living off of music, art & entertainment. With over 15 years experience in the business Joey will work with participants to break down the tools, skills, journey, and opportunities to a successful career. From writing Grants, to setting up online stores or the traditional hand to hand sales approach, he outlines the pros and cons of each technique, and shares the realistic expectations and work ethic needed to make a successful career in the industry! Joey Stylez will have participants engaged and leave with a strong sense of self value and direction needed to make it as an independent entrepreneur.


HEALTHY LIVING - DIET & EXERCISE All Ages (300+ Participants) This Workshop Includes a Sacred Smudge 

 Throughout his journey has seen the personal affects of living a life of unhealthy habits and diet. Through commitment to better his mind, body and soul, Joey shares his story of evolution through becoming alcohol and drug free, a passion for healthy eating and commitment to physical health through exercise. In this workshop participants will get tips on easy to do activities around your home, and steps to introduce healthy habits in diet and well-being. Joey has seen first hand the healthy turn around in mental and physical balance through making small changes and hopes to inspire participants to see the value of being conscious of how we honor or bodies



YOU'RE THE STARZ! The Waniskawin Team will work with participants to create a Hit Song and Music Video! Join Producer and Award Winning Song Writer Joey Stylez In making a collaborative Song, sharing your Words, Creativity, Journey and Vision! Joey Stylez will share his knowledge of the various song writing processes and development of creating a song of multi genres. Young Artists will gain understanding of the structure, and production process in creating a smash hit! With Shawn Gairdner mentoring aspiring videographers and editors, participants will also gain background experience of recording and directing a video by working with Shawn Gairdner collaboratively to include future Starz vision of a creating a video like no other! Young Artists Voice and Vision! This unique experience encourages youth to explore their stories, think about songs on topics they feel passionate about; Love, Social Issues, Fun Songs, Indigenous Issues, And MORE! This workshop leaves the community with a Video to be shared with Pride! Your Community, Your Youth! Your Own Hit Song! This Song can be performed by The Starz to Open up the Finale Concert Night with a Video Premiere! Show the world your Pride through a video that can be cherished for generations to come!

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